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As a small business, big corporation, “Mom and Pop” store, or even a self-employed business owner, you need a lead generation company to make your business more profitable. If you have a service or product to promote and need help to get from concept to market, then you should hire a lead generation company to get you there faster. Whether it’s construction, engineering, design, E-commerce store or any other product or service, a digital marketing strategy will provide you with more business leads. A lead generation company will act as your lead generator and provide you more sales leads online and offline. Using marketing strategies that work, you will get more customers for your business and all you’ll need to worry about is converting these prospects into paying customers.

What is a lead generation company and why do I need one?

Many businesses owners want to know more about generating leads. New businesses especially ask many questions because they expected that customers will find them once they launch their website—which is most times not the reality. Have you recently asked any of the below questions?

What is a lead? What is a lead generator?

What is a lead and sales funnel?

What is a lead generation technique?

What is a lead generation company and what services can they provide?

Why do I need sales leads or business leads?

Why do I need lead generation marketing?

What is a lead generation marketing service about?

What is a lead and how can it impact my ROI?

What is a lead and how do I make new prospects convert?

Well, every new and old business needs to be promoted to grow its brand awareness and get new customers (leads). Without new sales leads your company will be stagnant because no matter how great you are at customer retention, your business will not grow. A lead generation company like Quantum Consulting uses different types of lead generation marketing strategies to get you more visibility and improve your bottom line. Quantum Consulting has a great track record in promoting successful brands and will thrust your business into the world of profitability in no time. We create experiences that connect companies to the people that matter. Our lead generation marketing techniques can help find the right target audience, and bring them straight to your website and company. We will create the right message that will make your services trusted in your area of expertise. Quantum knows what consumers are looking for, and as a lead generation company that is proactive, we will build a customized lead generation marketing strategy that will suit your specific needs. Not all businesses are the same, so we will craft an advertising and marketing plan that will cut out the frills, save you money and bring you the business leads that you deserve.


Meet Quantum Consulting, a Lead Generation Company! Quantum is a digital marketing and lead generation company that is result-oriented. We don’t like to overcomplicate the marketing process, so we do our best to help our clients understand the gaps in their businesses and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) by providing them with valuable leads online. We are serious about the work we do, and what our clients can achieve through our lead generator techniques. We offer clean, clear, and concise services that are centered around generating sales leads. We believe… – that the techniques used by an average lead generation company to gather sales leads is ancient and ineffective; – in tried and tested lead generator methods, but we also integrate modern strategies that produce results; – that new business leads matters more than promises; – that generating sales leads does not have to be aggressive; – the best brands focus on converting prospects and leave the rest to an efficient lead generation company.

Quantum Consulting creates experiences that strengthen the relationships between businesses and the prospects who matter most to them. Using enhanced targeting techniques, you will not have to ‘sell ice to Eskimos’, but to those who need your products and services. Our clients build a better consumer experience by choosing other complementary services like PPC marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Why We Are a Sought After Lead Generation Company

We use a full marketing strategy – Quantum is a lead generation company that uses a full marketing strategy to deliver profitable results from a targeted set of prospects.


We carry out regular reviews and analysis – As a knowledgeable lead generation company, we carry out regular reviews and analysis for better performance of your campaigns.

Website and landing page optimization – Quantum is a lead generation company that will optimize your landing page or website. This is a critical part of any lead generation campaign and is important if you plan to guide your targeted users to your products or services.

Traffic direct to your website – Digital marketing is effective. Use a lead generation company like Quantum to tap into the power of the search engines and grab a chunk of the market.


Valuable leads from a lead generation company – Quantum will generate highly targeted traffic that will convert. We will employ effective conversion techniques that will help you get maximum results.


Our Services At Quantum Consulting, we offer a host of services designed to boost sales, increase profits, and maximize customer retention. We have three offers, and all will provide your business with more sales leads. Our collaborative approach means that your business is in the best position for sustainable growth, stability, and competitive deployment.

  1. Lead Generation Marketing Services Quantum Consulting is a lead generation company that specializes in digital marketing services. For people who do not know what a lead generation company is, you have come to the right place. A lead generation company handles all activities necessary to create business leads online, while also boosting your brands’ presence. Our number one service is that of a lead generator, as we create targeted sales leads online.
lead generation company

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With our services, your company can become a prominent part of several online discussions through our targeting methods, PPC ads, and other digital marketing activities. These services will bring you to the forefront of your consumer’s radar and help you with the following: • Targeted Leads We provide our customers with valuable business leads, using strategies that effectively channel these leads directly to our clients. While we work on generating targeted sales opportunities, Quantum also creates demand for your leads so that you will have a better chance of converting them to actual consumers. With our skill and expertise in targeting consumers based on their preferences, we can effectively improve your ROI. • We Can Help Improve Your Sales Funnel Follow-through is an important part of every lead generator system. All opportunities and efforts can be lost because of a slow response time or lack of effort on the part of your business. Quantums’ lead generator process provides a quick turnaround that relies on speedy responses. When a prospect contacts your company and does not get a fast response, it is no longer regarded as a sales lead. Notwithstanding the size of your sales force, Quantum Consulting can work with you to help improve your response time.

  • We Gather Leads Online In case you haven’t noticed, the internet has become an important place for brands and businesses. We pride ourselves in the services we provide our clients which helps generate leads online. Sourcing for leads online means that we will focus all our energy on providing you with prospects who are ready to take up your services immediately over the internet without needing to visit your physical location. We use search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, as part of our overall lead generation marketing strategy. To generate leads online, we would start by providing your business with online exposure so that you can take a firm position and grab a market share.


  • Our Other Lead Generation Marketing Services We don’t only generate leads online. With television and radio promotions, as well as direct mailing and offline media, we are well versed as a traditional and modern lead generation, ensuring that your brand can also benefit from all our experience.

lead generation marketing

What is a Lead Generation Marketing Service?

In this modern age, it is virtually impossible to run a successful business without hiring a digital marketing firm that is also a professional lead generation company. Your advertising and marketing toolkit will cover the basics, but you need a hardcore lead generation company to direct customers your way. The consumer population is moving away from conventional marketing methods at a faster rate than most businesses can keep up with. As new prospects search for services and products, they want to learn about the best provider quickly and with ease from the comfort of their homes. So without an digitally inclined lead generation company to help you grab a market share quickly, other companies will leave you with nothing but crumbs. When a prospect is interested in buying a product or service, the first thing they are going to do is research. That means they’ll head straight for search engines like Google or Bing. With the right type of lead generator system in place, we can move these interested users straight to your landing page or business contact. Your products and services should be one of the first things the prospects find when searching online.lead generation marketing

What Makes Quantum Consulting a Great Lead Generation Company?

Unlike any other lead generation company, Quantum does not use unwelcome and unpredictable tactics such as cold calling or deceptive incentives. We are a digital marketing firm and trusted lead generation company and have perfected the way we target leads online.


With over 10 years’ experience, Quantum can build exceptional user experiences and business leads for clients. As a skilled lead generation company, we have helped establish many businesses and refined a large number of marketing processes. We’ve mastered the art of lead generation and implemented strategies that enable clients to hit their bottom line way before their stipulated time frame. We nurture leads all the way to the inquiry stage, so you’ll only ever receive business leads with a strong possibility of conversion.

We are a dependable lead generation company because we focus only on profoundly targeted leads. We guarantee your business 100% exclusive sales leads from consumers who are expecting you to contact them. You will benefit from our service as follows:


  • Connect with leads By carefully identifying and attracting your target users we ensure that you connect with the right people to help drive your business to new heights. We facilitate this connection by sending leads directly to you and provide you with the tools necessary to connect with your prospects.
  • Engage with leads There’s no need to waste a good lead. We make it easy for our clients to engage leads by providing only proactive prospects who want to hear from you without delay. Using a mix of digital marketing strategies like PPC ads, SEO, search, social media, and content marketing, we’ll make sure that your prospects are interested in hearing from you.
  • Convert your leads With many years of experience as a lead generation company, we will provide you with leads that have a high chance of converting. Our custom advertising methods, an insightful lead generator process, and distinct content placement strategies, we know what works best. Our knowledge, skill, experience, and lead generator techniques ensure that we only supply you with profitable, targeted, and reliable business leads.
  1. PPC Management Services Getting the best out of your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can take years of training and experience. This is where a lead generation company can help, with many years of experience in PPC management our award-winning PPC services, Quantum Consulting can help boost your business.

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, Bing and LinkedIn, to quickly get mass awareness for your campaigns and we target the right audience in the process. Our certified PPC professionals are experts at creating effective ads and leveraging the features on each of these platforms to bring you optimized targeting and execution. Furthermore, we monitor and analyze the results from all PPC campaigns for continuous refinement and revisions so that your marketing dollars will go a long way and yield the best returns possible.

What to Expect From Quantum’s PPC Service

  • As a lead generation company, our campaigns are customized to suit your business and provide new leads. • We will reduce wastage as we offer you our expertise in PPC campaigns. • Help increase your CTR (Click through rate) with targeted customers. • We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager and creative copy. • Quantum Consulting can save you thousands of dollars every month and increase your lead conversion rate. • We use cutting-edge systems and strategies that will maximise your campaign’s efficiency for increased ROI. • We will manage all your accounts on multiple platforms effectively,— including social media accounts, Google AdWords, Bing, YouTube, and much more.

We are a digital marketing and lead generation company with a lot of years of experience behind us. We have a highly developed work ethic and will always get the best results from your budget. Quantum can help you improve your ROI and boost your online visibility, thereby reducing wastage. Learn how!

PPC Design A PPC campaign that is affordable and effective requires expert planning and design. We approach PPC campaigns from a result-oriented mindset and will harness the power of various platforms at once. Quantum will use different techniques to ensure that you pay less than your competitors are paying. Your advertising dollars will be spent to maximize reach, coverage, sales leads, and conversions.

PPC Audits Through a PPC audit, a lead generation company like Quantum can provide you with detailed feedback from our analysis, which will highlight the areas that must be improved for a more effective campaign. With our expert guidance, you will see an immediate change in your results and your CTR and conversion rates will increase.

PPC Management Creating a PPC ad is not all that is needed to run an effective campaign. Our PPC management service is productive and geared towards your business objectives. You cannot set a PPC campaign on automated mode because the data that is gleaned from your campaign must be used for decision making. The marketing copies you use will all convert differently, your geo-targets will respond differently and more. These types of data are used during the cycle of your campaign to tweak and change settings that affect your targeting, goals etc. This is why you need a professional lead generation company to help steer your PPC campaign in the right direction. One that will continually produce more business leads for your brand.

Quantum Consulting is an integrated PPC management and lead generation company that will laser target the right audience through cutting-edge lead generation marketing techniques that produce results.

  1. SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)

What is the first thing that you think of when you’re looking for a place to eat, a landscape company, or even when you’re searching for a pair of shoes? “Just Google It.” At some point or another, all your prospects will look to Google, Bing, Yahoo, or some other search engine to find out information about a service or product they want. A lead generation company can help you find these customers by utilizing certain SEO techniques. Harnessing the power of search engines, a lead generation company will apply SEO methods to keywords, websites, and even social media to help your business show up on the front pages of the search engines.

Why is SEO Important and How Can a Lead Generation Company Help? Having a good SEO rating is the perfect way to rank high in the search engines. Ranking is one of the most beneficial tools a business can have and will make it easy for a lead generation company like Quantum Consulting to generate more leads. When a prospect is looking to find an answer they want the answer on the first page of Google. They will normally click on the first few websites that appear on a search engine listing and may not bother to go further than the first page or two. This is why it is important for businesses to have a fully optimized website.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a website to show up at the top of the search listing page. Quantum Consulting is a skilled lead generation company that will take time to find the right keywords that will best suit your business– but we will also make sure that your landing page or website is fully optimized for SEO. This will ensure that relevant search queries will bring up your website address and that you will be easily found online. Quantum Consulting offers these SEO services: Keyword research SEO Audits SEO Reports SEO Maintenance

Why Hire Quantum Consulting –

The number one lead generation company! At Quantum, we have put together a talented team of digital marketing strategists, designers, copywriters, marketers, communications experts, project managers and business developers to work in a collaborative manner on all projects. We build on each other’s skill and experience, working together as a team to create a better outcome for every client.

As a professional lead generation company that deals in all areas of traditional and digital marketing, we focus on our clients’ business goals and deliver measurable results for online growth and better customer loyalty. Before taking on any project, we assess our clients’ company to understand their brand value and marketplace status. We then provide a custom solution that will be tailored to generate results.

We believe that customers lead and businesses follow With this philosophy, Quantum helps its clients unleash their potential. We are a veritable lead generation company that will unveil the potential of your business, service, and ideas. Our solutions are tailor-made for the modern small to big business owners. With actionable data, impactful and creative ad copies, we are a powerful lead generation company that believes in performance and progress. Quantum is a lead generation company with search marketing and performance expertise, which means that we understand user intent and will drive valuable customers your way.


Quantum is a North Carolina business, located along the Haw River near Graham North Carolina.

We have worked with clients from Houston, Texas to Dublin Ireland.