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Are You a Lead Buyer or a Lead Generator?

How to transform your business with into a Lead Generation Machine that runs on auto-pilot

Have you ever chased someone or something with the hope of catching them?  Chasing anything never works.

Have you noticed how the harder you pursue the more they run away be it horses, customers, or women am I right or am I right?

If you have ran a  company for any length of time, you surely must of have tried a heap of different methods to attract more leads for your business.  You may have tried direct mail, cold calling, hired someone to put out door hangers, or canvassed neighborhoods.

What do all these things have in common?  They work, well sort of kinda work, but are also incredibly time consuming, labor intensive and more often than not cost a good chunk of change.

In a hope to best use your time, you have resorted to buying leads from one of the myriad of different lead brokers that are chasing you down like a cheerleader without a date the night before the prom.

Buying leads can work, sort of kind of work to generate more business.

But here’s the challenge though is if they are shared leads you need to jump on them like a fat guy in a hot dog eating contest if you have any hope of getting in front of the consumer before the other five roofing companies get to them first.

If they are exclusive leads, they are incredibly expensive and frankly at the price some of these vendors charge a complete waste of your hard earned moolah.  The quality is much better, but may not be the best investment.

What if there was a better way?

Well here is the dealio, there is a better way, but it requires that you turn your website into an online lead generating machine.

And there are three ways to crack this nut….

First: You can DO SEO

The first way of course is to do SEO on your website.  SEO means search engine optimization.  This is the intentional work that will influence or you could say manipulate Google into putting your website at the top of the search results.

When it works it is very cool.

But there is a major flaw with SEO and I will let you in on an inside truth. SEO is becoming such a bitch to do, and in all honesty there are no guarantees.  When you hire a SEO contractor, you basically are putting your roofing company into a “Pay and Pray” position.  No SEO can guarantee a top position in Google and even if they do there are no guarantees that anyone will call your business.

In the past several years, Google has released a boat load of Search Algorithm updates that for some reason commonly have animal names—Panda, Penguin, Pidgeon, Possum, Hummingbird, and Fred to name but a few.

I’ll spare you the over-geek sharing on what all these updates addressed, and summarize their results—they made it a total bitch to rank a website these day.

Now, not saying SEO can’t be done, but this is the long game my friends…not something that is going to immediately or with any certainty put cash into your bank account, and isn’t that whole point of marketing your business?

Content Marketing is to SEO what Robin is to Batman

In a nut shell, content Marketing is SEO’s wingman.  It’s not nearly as sexy, but like a good wingman is totally going to help you meet potential clients.

Content marketing entails the creation of a boat load and by that I mean a whole bunch of material that helps your potential customers get to know you better.  Now that can take many different shapes, blog posts, Facebook Story updates, tweets, and YouTube videos to name a few. 

It has to be high quality, original, engaging, entertaining, educational, and for it to work you have to do it consistently.  Unlike SEO, if you pick the right topics, those hundreds of blog posts and videos you create as part of your content marketing plan will rank with the same probability that your Uncle Ned will go back for a third helping of Turkey next Thanksgiving.

But unlike Ned, who only has to unbutton the top button of his pants to meet his objective, you are going to have to either get super busy creating all that content or hiring someone to do it for you.

Now, you may be saying to yourself….DUDE who has time to do all that…I’ve got a roofing company to run.  Content Marketing is fairly easy, but it is incredibly time consuming and if you hire someone to do it right, it can be expensive.

Content marketing is like SEO, just because you build it there are no guarantees that they will come….

Which leads us to the third way you can turn your Roofing Company into a Lead Generation….buy your way into the party.

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC is the slam dunk, no-brainer, fastest, and most cost effective way to instantly turn your roofing business into a lead generating bad-ass.

Wait, wait, wait are you thinking, but I’ve tried Google AdWords in the past.  It cost me an arm, a leg, my first born child, and didn’t really make me any money.

Yep, I hear you buddy, and based on the thousands of AdWords accounts we audit each year I feel you too.  It is actually pretty common for me to see roofing company campaigns that are spending up to a grand to generate a new roof install lead on AdWords.  Now they still may have a positive ROI, but that is well, to keep this post G-Rated a (BLEEPING) rip off.

To understand how AdWords works one must have a solid understanding of the rules of the road.

Rule 1.  The purpose of AdWords is to make money for Google.  Now, that is not to say they don’t want you to be successful too. If you make some money then you will keep coming back to the trough for another drink.

AdWords gives you all the tools you need to totally crush it and make a lot of money. You just need to know the rules of the game, the settings to change, and the tweaks to make to a campaign so you can get the most bang for your buck.

First tip, and I am going to insist you raise your right hand and repeat after me. Ok ready?

I promise I will never use AdWords Express!

This incredibly simple tool, with it’s easy to use interface is totally set up so you will spend more than you need to. It’s totally easy, but you’ve been warned. Just know that when you use AdWords express you will get you know whated and they won’t even buy you dinner.

Now a tuned up and well-optimized AdWords campaign is a truly magical thing. Instead of paying $900 for a lead or oh heck even a $100 a lead you will pay much much less.

Since it is your AdWords campaign, the leads are exclusive to you and only you!  You only spend what you want to spend, and can dial your marketing up and down depending on what is happening in your business. 

The results are easy to track and measure.  All in all, AdWords is pretty darn cool, but what if there was a way to make AdWords even better? 

Remarketing on AdWords and Facebook is like combining chocolate and peanut butter in one big delicious lead generation treat.

Ok, before we get to your yummy candy, I need to be a bit of Debbie downer and share some cold hard reality.

Most people that visit websites never call you.  SHOCKING!

In fact, research indicates that only 4% of consumers that search for a service and visit a website ever call the business.  Yep, I warned you this one was going to be total suckville.

Now, professionally ran PPC campaigns can do much better on the Conversion Rate metric because they are using specifically designed and battle tested landing pages.  Their numbers are better, in the 20-30% of website visitors turn into a lead.

I hope at this point you are saying to yourself, “Holy Moly that is a lot of lost opportunity!”

But here is the thing…when your website is a lead generating machine you have already considered this dark truth and unlike the other 97% of roofing companies in the United States you are not going to lose this opportunity.

That is because you my friend, are going to remarket to these people on Google and Facebook!

Since every website has this leakage in the number of visitors that don’t convert into a lead you have installed your Facebook Pixel and deployed the Google Tag Manager on your website.

Now you have the ability to maintain “Top of Mind Awareness” for everyone that has visited your website. 

Remarketing is perhaps the most under-utilized and cost effective ways to turn your website into a lead generating machine!

Think about that potential customer that knows her roof is looking sad and that she going to need to replace it sometime soon. She casually did some research on local roofing companies, but she knows it is a big investment and she is not quite ready to pull the trigger and call someone for a quote.

The next time she goes on line and looks for her favorite recipe for Mongolian Chicken she sees your ad.  It remind her about your business.

Next week, her kid has some weird looking skin rash on his forehead, and she does a Google search to see if it’s contagious, and she sees your ad.

A month from now she is on Facebook watching funny cat videos and she sees your ad.

Ok, I can go on like this for a while with a bunch of examples, but the bottom line is with remarketing you are maintaining contact with this lady and her sad worn out roof.

Since she has seen your ad everywhere who do you think she is going to call?  (Ok if it wasn’t self-evident, point at your chest here).  That’s right you are the guy she is going call!

Now this little bit makes me giggle a bit, she doesn’t even need to click on those remarketing ads for them to do their magic.  She just needs to see them! They work like bill boards along the highway! And if she does click on one of the ads it is only going to cost you what a single piece of your granny’s hard candy—maybe five cents most likely less than that.

AdWords combined with Remarketing will turn your roofing business into a lead generation machine and you can then stop being a lead buyer!

Ok my friends I am going to wrap this up at this point—hope you enjoyed this and look for more awesome content coming out very soon!