Exclusive Leads

You only deliver live phone calls, not useless email form submits that you have to attempt to try to contact 5, 6 or even 7 times before you contact the prospective client.  Since the call is live, and redirected to your office phone number it is only delivered to your business.

High Value Calls

Since driving calls to your business is our super power, the calls we send to your business will have a high buyer intent– they live in your service area, and they need your service.  You never pay for calls outside your area or for services you do not offer.

Pay for Results not Promises

For once a marketing solution that is like a commodity. You only pay for results, not some long term hocus pocus promise that is in the long distant future.  If for some reason you are not 100% happy, you can cancel at any time. We have no long term contracts.

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  • About the Quantum Solution

We are a US Based Digital Marketing firm that specializes in lead generation.


Welcome to quantum consulting. We have helped  small businesses grow for over a decade.  When I started the company, I focused on the synergy between my human capital experience, with a logical approach to project management. While I added great value to the companies I worked with, I found that 100% of the companies I approached were only concerned with one thing–How the Heck do I get More potential customers to call!


I immersed myself in web development, search engine marketing, social media marketing.  I put together a really talented staff of designers, marketers, and developers. Together, we started to create effective and beautiful websites. We began to help our clients dominate the first page of the search engines.  We helped them connect with their current clients via social media.  We got really good at this thing called digital marketing. Despite our proven track-record, business owners still asked, “How the Heck do I get More potential customers to call!”

I tasked my team with figuring out how we can consistently drive telephone calls to our clients.  Well long story short, we figured it out!  In fact, one of my young developers proclaimed making the phone ring was our superpower!  So, if you are ready to grow your business, let us strap on our capes and us flood your phone lines with new customers!


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